Tiare Lani Coffee is owned and operated by George Yasuda, Kona’s top agricultural consultant. Growing up on the family farm, George’s earliest memory is waking up in a coffee fermentation tank and getting fished out by his older brother and sister.

“I had fallen asleep and fell in,” says George, remembering how they were up at pre-dawn hours to wash the coffee beans.

Today, George remains steeped in Kona Coffee. He’s designed and developed numerous coffee farms, including his own 53-acre showcase orchards with trademark native Hawaiian Rainforest trees left untouched by bulldozers.

George’s first love is plants. A former University of Hawaii coffee researcher, he is dedicated to maintaining the beauty of the earth, growing healthy, best-variety coffee orchards and processing an altogether great Kona taste.

Perhaps that early plunge was a sign of things to come, since, still today, George puts his “whole self” into coffee.

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